Preview of Talk Sober, a 10-episode video and audio podcast created for non-profit All Sober as a cornerstone of their national launch, and ongoing community/outreach development. Co-created, directed and produced by A Very Good Agency, and filmed on our Very Good Space soundstage.


Hosted by former Warner executive and educator Rory Pullins, each episode features a celebrity guest in open conversation about their addiction history and journey to recovery. All elements are designed to break down barriers to intimate dialogue, and elicit practical insights of strong motivational value to individuals on a sobriety path, plus the allies who support them.


Episodes are now streaming on the All Sober website, app and distributed video channels, as well as on all major audio podcast platforms. Over 30 trailers and teasers were also created for the podcast launch and individual episode promotion, with additional content in development based on the volume of material captured during filming.

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