Short documentary about the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, a landmark public school in Washington D.C. that pioneered the accessibility of arts education to students of color, and continues to heavily influence leading arts institutions worldwide.


This film connects Ellington’s 50-year history and culture to the modernization of its aging building, which saw renowned architects compete to transform it into a vibrant arts campus.¬†Drawing on the same spirit as Ellington, the winning firm worked against the odds to create an acclaimed showcase that became one of the most complex structures attempted for a school, possible only through the use of advanced technology and a 500+ project team.


The documentary and a host of supporting content are being used by Ellington for numerous partnership and fundraising goals, and is being showcased by Graphisoft, which awarded the project International Building of the Year in recognition of its contribution to arts education and equality as well as architecture.

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