While many Californians are embracing bilingual education, Spanish-speaking English learning families are increasingly rejecting it due to a misunderstanding of the larger cultural and career benefits. Closing this knowledge gap before a generation of children are lost became the focus of “Ser Biletrado”, or “To Be Bilateral”.


From community-based listening and field research, AVGA found the opinions of educators aren’t persuasive enough on their own. So, a series of 30 films were created as the campaign anchor. Each places students and young professionals at the fore, recounting how the concept of true “Biletrado” (bilingualism) aided their success. Seeded into targeted digital, social, e-mail and partner marketing, all content led to a website hub with a wealth  of resources and direct engagement opportunities.


Dramatic increase in positive impressions and interest in bilingual education among all groups exposed to campaign.

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